Many thanks for helping support and push for the Historical Exhibit Display renditions. Not only did you & your team help provide the concepts for our deadline debut, but to also have them mounted on foam board presentation and hand deliver was exceptional service.

Kimberly Finch, The Lincoln Electric Company

It was a pleasure working with all of you and I appreciate the valuable insights that you brought to this project. We will build upon the successes of this project for future installments.

Lyndy Rutkowski, Parker Hannifin

Thank you for all of your efforts regarding our National Sales Meeting. From early indicators the meeting was a success, and I appreciate your help with the process. The displays and graphics provided looked very sharp.

Scott Carlson, Shurtech Brands

Our History

Downing Exhibits was founded in 1972 as a Cleveland-based exhibit design and fabrication company. In 1995 the company expanded and built a new sustainable facility created to provide maximum efficiency in Akron, Ohio. Downing is well-known for providing great value and service to our customers, many of which have been with us for more than 35 years.

Our People

We are a team of Creative designers, experienced managers and talented craftsman all working for the success of our clients. We are united in our passion for excellence in exhibit design and management.

Our ability to listen, learn and interpret your vision is what sets us apart. You can be assured that our staff will give prompt attention to the details that create successful events and shows.

Our Sustainable Facility

Downing Exhibit’s facility in Akron, Ohio is one of the largest sustainable buildings in the state, including one of the largest solar panel installations in northern Ohio.

In addition, we use biomass energy to supplement our heating and have implemented an extensive recycling program. Our culture embraces sustainability.

Our Services

We provide successful trade show exhibit solutions for large and small companies.

We offer a full range of services for every exhibit requirement, from large international booths to web-based portable programs.