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Marching Through February

Frozen February

FrozenThe Winter Olympics are over, but snow and cold are still competing here in northern Ohio. We didn’t even have a January thaw this year like we usually do. Though it doesn’t look like it outside, according to the calendar, spring is coming and will be here in only three weeks. (Hooray!)

At Downing Exhibits, we have been busy preparing for the spring trade show season. Currently, we are working on exhibits that will be shipping in April and May. Working ahead of schedule is a way of life for those of us in show biz, and it really helps to keep focused on warmer days just around the corner.

March Madness

BasketballHoopA basketball player might grab a rebound and dribble the ball down the court. It’s not as easy as it looks; the player has to know how much time is left, keep the opposition in view, make clean passes to teammates, look for openings in the defense and all while driving for that looming and unmovable hoop.

Clients of Downing Exhibits count on us to know every deadline and make sure each is met with time to spare. It’s not as easy as it looks; it requires specialized skills to gather information, communicate effectively with clients and vendors, execute each day’s activities, plan ahead for the weeks to come, all while keeping an eye on that looming and unmovable show opening date.

If you are looking for a teammate who can make your trade show experience a slam dunk, contact Downing Exhibits now at 800-398-4425 or email us at

Success Story 01 – It Must Be Magic!

It Must Be Magic!

At this years National Retail Federation Annual Convention and EXPO in January, Downing had the pleasure to serve Infor, a front runner in the software solutions industry that is changing the way information is published and consumed in the business enterprise. They were generous enough to share their experience with Cindy Smalley,  National Account Executive here at Downing and the rest of the design team:

Downing made magic happen for us. I personally pride myself in having a few tricks up my sleeve, but knowing we engaged only three months before we needed a show-stopping (and brand new) 20’ x 30’ island booth – professionalism, determination to please the client, and skills aside – it must have been magic.

As the event manager assigned to NRF 2014, I knew I had to work across business units to make them come together to present Infor’s Retail Solution Suite as one cohesive industry software solution to the retail attendees. This is a huge challenge, knowing that usually each business unit does their own industry specific booth. Cindy and her team were given the task to come up with a non-cookie-cutter booth to carry my vision of this cohesiveness to the show floor.

As I started to define and develop the go-to-market plan internally, they took revision upon revision patiently, even though time was running out and the holidays were upon us.

New concepts and ideas were shared over a matter of weeks – some elements were selected and carried forward while others were determined to not work for us – and in collaboration with internal sources, we tweaked several layouts to come up with the best trade show booth presence we ever had (well, since I’ve been employed 😉 ).

The onsite support was tremendous and the booth went up without any complications. The compliments on our booth started to come in from other exhibitors, from the attendees of NRF and the visitors to our booth. Some of them hadn’t planned on stopping by, but were drawn to our non-conventional set-up and color scheme. The kudos didn’t stop coming in until the show closed and it was time for tear-down.

Eye-candy is the word for our latest island booth, but most importantly, we had a booth that looked and felt like Infor – innovative, beautiful, and the best in class!


Parisa Hamidi

Marketing Specialist, 3rd Party Events


Proposed Color Rendering

INFOR NRF_Rendering

Final Result